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PowerSouth offers professional services to instate women in management and ownership roles at local projects in countries like India.

For carbon market actors and investors – we help you achieve climate action and gender justice by increasing the number of SDG 5 elements in your projects. This will enhance carbon credits  towards gender empowerment making women project protagonists and not just beneficiaries.

For companies investing in CSR – we will add value to your corporate communication at the local level by employing the SDG 5 lens framing the gender narrative and sharing  stories and lessons  to herald your company as a true gender champion.


PowerSouth in conversation with  Wendy Sanassee, EarthSpark International on Feminist Electrification

This interview, conducted remotely as Climate Week 2023 kicks off in NYC,  explores their  groundbreaking work  the 2018 winner of the UN Momentum for Change Award.

BLOG: Empowered Women at the Forefront of the Carbon Market.

PowerSouth meet the women of Udaipur Urja

Listen to the inspiring stories of the women monitors of Udaipur Urja clean cookstoves and hear from them how the project has changed their lives.

Power dynamics between the donors and recipients.

PowerSouth talks about whether the funds and investments reach the intended community or gets lost through transaction intermediaries.

Women and the Carbon Market

PowerSouth reviews the Gold Standard Guidelines on gender equality requirements to make carbon markets and carbon projects the domain of women.

Our Advocacy Efforts with Global Landscape Forum

PowerSouth reaches out to Global Landscape Forum to rethink their decision of making an Indian guru a key speaker in an ecology forum.

PowerSouth Survey Analysis

PowerSouth launched a survey in 2021 to understand the challenges and needs between the global south and the north in the environment and development sectors.

Write to Us

As finalists to the GIZ Diaspora 2030 programme and the Social Tides Aspire Germany programme we are actively seeking the first pilot projects.

If the concept is of interest to you then please reach out to us at  info@powersouth.de

Did you Know

Women in India on average hold approx less than 15 percent ownership of land in India, according to the Center for Land Governance index.

Women in leadership are more likely to proactively improve energy efficiency, invest in renewable energies, and measure and reduce carbon emissions.

(Source: CDC, Gender-smart Investing as an Enabler of the Just Transition, 2020)

Germany committed an additional 10 billion Euro assistance to India to help achieve climate action targets set for 2030.

(Source: Joint Statement issued after the sixth India-Germany Inter-Governmental Consultations (IGC))

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