Tasneem Balasinorwala


Tasneem Balasinorwala is an Indian citizen, currently living in Berlin, Germany since 2012. She has 15 years+ of experience working in the civil society sector at the local, national, and global levels working with a wide range of stakeholders and themes. She has worked on a range of themes: Biodiversity, Governance, WASH, Cities, and till very recently looking at the carbon market through PowerSouth. She has experience working at the international and the local level which gives her the competence to link theory and global policy to practice. “Addressing wicked problems needs an open mindset, inquisitive nature, and an entrepreneurial spirit’ is the quote she would like to use to more or less describe herself.

Diya Deb


Diya Deb has over a decade and a half years of experience being in leadership teams of international organizations in India and globally has been part of setting up teams and have worked both at the grassroots and strategic level. Human Rights, Climate, and Sustainability have been her main area of work with a special focus on mainstreaming gender in campaigns and projects. Her expertise lies in strategic visioning and being a critical part of startup teams.