About Us



PowerSouth was conceptualised on the basis that more needs to be done to connect local and grassroots organisations (with a gender and marginalised community lens) in India to resources and funds from Germany.

Since 2022, Diya Deb and Tasneem Balasinorwala have been working on different projects under the banner of PowerSouth. Given the team’s experience in India and elsewhere in the global south, they are keenly aware that the reality of resource ownership, and agency of women continues to be weak. 

For local women to count in the environment and in the climate narrative for the work they are already doing, PowerSouth strongly believes that it is about time that women are not just looked upon as beneficiaries but are made co-owners or co-managers of the projects.

That is PowerSouth’s key driver.

What is PowerSouth

Our first survey revealed that often funds allocated from Europe and the global north to projects in India and other global south countries through philanthropy, funding, corporate responsibilities, development cooperation, impact investments etc, hardly reach the communities on the ground, especially women. Equitable distribution of resources and gender empowerment at the grassroots where women become decision makers are challenges that PowerSouth wants to address. 

What we want to achieve

Through our research, review, tools and services we want to provide access to information to women so that they can become leaders in the projects, set the gender narrative from a local south perspective, amplify the voices and stories from the ground to put the spotlight on real impact and build cultural, social and other perspectives on both sides.

What we offer

PowerSouth helps you achieve an increase in the quality and the number of gender empowerment (SDG5) indicators in your projects through

# Communication support to fortify the gender narrative with integrity

# Tools for mainstreaming gender in your projects

As finalists to the GIZ Diaspora 2030 programme and the Social Tides Aspire Track Germany programme, we are actively seeking the first pilot projects. If the concept is of interest to you and you would like to know more then please reach out to us at:  info@powersouth.de.

Did you Know

Women in India on average hold approx less than 15 percent ownership of land in India, according to the Center for Land Governance index.

Women in leadership are more likely to proactively improve energy efficiency, invest in renewable energies, and measure and reduce carbon emissions.

(Source: CDC, Gender-smart Investing as an Enabler of the Just Transition, 2020. )

Germany committed an additional 10 billion Euro assistance to India to help achieve climate action targets set for 2030.

(Source: Joint Statement issued after the sixth India-Germany Inter-Governmental Consultations (IGC))